To leave the spaces at home very clean and free of dust, it is necessary to buy a wet dry vacuum from the best shop vac specialized in this type of machinery. If you want to achieve an optimal cleaning job, you must have the one that best suits your needs.

On the website, you will find a wide variety of appliances that are designed by our professional experts, to make life simpler and that you do not have problems in the time to clean your house and the external areas.

The best wet dry vac found on the market is the Numatic CVC370 Charles model, which with its nice presentation is considered a vacuum cleaner with a more advanced model than the Henry model.

This model has a great versatility, because it can aspire in a powerful way, has a capacity of 9 books, manages to clean a large area of 27 meters, much more than the Karcher WD3 P and has quite large filters.

Among the variety of advantages offered, is the Permatex filter, which prevents allergens from spreading in the air. In addition, it brings a variety of tools and accessories that make it very useful in certain spaces.

Its main feature is the powerful suction offered to the user. It is perfect for vacuuming carpets and floors. The ease of use and the power it provides is the ideal combination of the work of aspiration to be magnificent.

The Numatic CVC37 wet dry vac cleaner can vacuum dry and humid material, offering a capacity of 9 to 15 liters of dust, wider than others. The motor power of the wet dry vacuum is 1200W.

It has a weight of 7.1 Kg. And HEPA and Permatex filters to contribute to the cleanliness of the environment and leave it free of particles that may harm the user and their family environment. It also has a valve, which gives you security to handle liquids.

It has 40 liters per second in terms of the amount of air, stainless steel tubes, its price ranges between 139.99 and 144.95 pounds with an additional bag.